We provide crew, equipment, and the expertise to execute safe and efficient marine projects including tow management and newbuild / conversions.

Newbuild / Conversions

  • Provide full ship agency services
  • Arrange towing services
  • Assist with sea trials
  • Arrange accommodation and transportation
  • Arrange delivery & redelivery of vessel
  • Providing full Marine Crew and Technical Support

Tow Management

Full management & coordination of towage or heavy lifting arrangements, planning & executions from point to point.

  • Arrangement of operational meetings with all parties: Ship Owners / Clients' Reps / MWS / MPA / Tugs Operator / Supporting Contractor / Vendors 
  • Arrangement of Pre-inspections / Suitability Survey attendance of towing tugs
  • Provision of Tow Manual, Passage Plans & SOP – MWS / MPA approval
  • Arrangements of Pilots on both ends
  • Hiring of towing tugs, helicopters etc
  • Provision of qualified & experience tow masters & riding crew
  • Assistance with Immigration & port clearances
  • Full ship agency support at delivery and re-delivery ports